Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tony Stewart to air live from Graceland

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart will do his weekly radio show on SIRIUS live from Graceland on May 12. Tony has a serious car collection with over 40 vehicles. He is going to talk about all the stuff in the automobile museum at Graceland discussing Elvis' love of cars while playing some Elvis tunes. SIRIUS has an all Elvis channel and Tony will be a gust DJ on Elvis radio channal 13 then do his show afterwards that usually airs on channal 128. Tony is pretty key but I wish Dale Jr could do this seeing he is a real deal Elvis fan. Impossible though since he has a show on XM, and Tony plays in with the SIRIUS angle seeing he does a show for them already. Hopefully he does well and pays respect to Elvis. Maybe once they merge the two satellite providers, Junior can guest DJ sometime. That would be the coolest, and he would be entertaining to hear.


Anonymous said...

Tony's a big Elvis fan, too. He even dressed as the King for Halloween last year.

Mike Edwards said...

I knew he was a fan, but to what extenet I wasn't for sure. Tony is cooler then I thought then. I like him, I always have been a fan.