Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Elvis Conspiracy(alive in 85)

I can't remember exactly when I first learned about Elvis. I can remember being very small and my mom talking about Memphis and Graceland. I had no idea though what Graceland was, Elvis did no register to me really. I can remember the fallowing video. It was from 1992, I would have been nine years old. I had an idea of Elvis by then, but this was my first real memory of learning something about it. It is a shame it had to be something like this. I don't really remember anything about the show other then he was suppose to be alive and I remember the two pictures of Elvis above the stage. They scared the hell out of me! Don't ask me why, I just remember it did.Check them out in the corners at about 42 seconds into the clip. I think it was the mood set by the show and the odd crap on there, whole thing was not right. I can't believe Bill Bixby took part in this. As we all know he stared in two Elvis movies, Clambake and Speedway. Anyway here is a clip of the The Elvis Conspiracy(alive in 85) from 1992.

NOTE- Don't pay any attention to the alive in 85 nonsense, it is a inside joke.


Ty said...

As I recall, Bixby's first Elvis special, "The Elvis Files" was the Gail Brewer-Giorgio-written one that showed "evidence" that Elvis was alive and ended with a phone-in vote where "Elvis faked his death" won.

However, I'm pretty sure "The Elvis Conspiracy" - a sequel of sorts which had a lot of the same setup and showed *some* of the same evidence - actually ended up *debunking* a lot of the Elvis is alive garbage.

For instance, they had a different analyst check "The Elvis Tape" and he deteremined that it did not match Elvis' voice. They had a different handwriting analyst look at something Elvis supposedly wrote after his death (his death certificate, maybe?) and he determined it was not Elvis.

I remember being pleasantly surprised that "The Elvis Conspiracy" essentially undid "The Elvis Files." (At the time, I was 16 or 17 years old and used to watch *anything* Elvis-related. I couldn't get enough, even watching stupid things like "The Elvis Files." Still a big fan, but I don't watch the garbage specials anymore.)

Giorgio was not involved in the second special, and was reportedly upset by it. (I guess so, since the "Conspiracy" this time was really her and people like her, who conspired to make money off of Elvis' death and fans.)

Bixby was an actor who needed a gig, so I don't blame him too much for either show, really. The second one made up for it, anyway. The phone-in vote results for the second show revealed that the majority thought Elvis had passed away on August 16, 1977.

Nice blog, by the way! Very fun.

Mike Edwards said...

I remember "The Elvis Files". I used to rent it from a store around here when I was very young. I honestly can't remember much about it though.