Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Trouble With Girls

"The Chautauqua" was the original title for "The Trouble With Girls". This movie would be Elvis' next to last feature film. Set in 1927, Elvis stars as Walter Hale, the manager of "The Chautauqua" (Which is a festival that travels around the US). When one of Hale's employees get accused of murder, people stop coming to the festival putting it in jeopardy. Hale finds the real killer and pretty much saves the show by performing himself. Elvis sings an awesome version of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and one of my personal fav movie songs, "Clean Up Your Own Backyard". Surprisingly Vincent Price also plays a role in the movie as "Mr. Morality". Although he was also in the movie, Vincent and Elvis never met. Overall the movie is ok, Elvis doesn't have a huge presence in the film but when he does he looks cool in the white suit. Definitely a must have if your a collector.

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