Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elvis Is Human

Ive ranted recently on how Elvis is larger than life. With the focus on how much of an impact he brought upon the world, some people lost sight on that he was like you and I. I'll be the first to admit, there will be no other Elvis Presley. When people who despise him only talk about his flaws, he has done alot more good. For example, giving to charaties, giving cars to fans, acknowledging the fans among other things. The reason I felt like ranting is because I just read a negative comment on a website and it just set me off, yes people are entitled to their opinion but make sure what your are basing you opinion off of is facts and not bs. In the future, im gonna blog about all his donations to charaties and even talk about foundations, hospitals and other things that have been set up in his name to help people out. It makes me sick to see people try to make Elvis a monster. Ive selected the picture above because it is one of my favorites. It shows Elvis with his daughter and Pricilla in a family photo. This pic shows Elvis as a human being smiling at his daughter who he was very proud of and just shows him as a family man and not the monster skeptics make him out to be.

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