Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today I got my new CD Burbank 68. It is a FTD of course, that's about all I buy anymore. It was the first release they had back in 1999. I did not really want this CD a lot, but thought I might need to get it now. It is pretty old and thought I might miss out since they don't always produce these long. I was wrong, I definitely needed this. I thought most of the material would be stuff I had but that is not the case at all. Nine of the songs are from recording of Elvis in his dressing room singing and playing with Scotty,DJ, and Charlie. Most of the recordings I have never heard. The twelve songs are takes from one of the stand up shows that was not included in the Memories two disc set. It also contains some dialogue throughout the disc that is entertaining. I am totally blown away with this CD. I am so glad I got it. The 68 special is alright in its original form. It really is not that great when you know of all the great stuff they left out. You can't appreciate how great the whole deal was until you see all the footage and hear all the music and the process of making the show. I feel now I have all the pieces to the puzzle. Back in the late 90's I bought CD of the original album that came out at the time of the show. Man, that CD is really bad when you hear the stuff they have put together since then. Memories the two disc set, Tiger Man, Let Your Self Go, and Burbank 68 really paint the whole picture. The Let Your Self Go and Burbank Cd's are FTD's and are as usual top of the line releases. The sound and production is out of this world. I honestly think of all the stuff I have that has to do with the 68 special, this new CD is my favorite though. You even get to hear Elvis jam to Blue Moon Of Kentucky which was pretty neat because I had not heard that before. That with the version of Love Me and One Night are my favorite tracks off the disc. The two instrumentals to start the CD off, Danny Boy and Baby What You Want Me To Do are fantastic as well.

I am up to 124 Cd's now! I already have the FTD in mind I am going to order this month. These things are high as all get out at thirty dollars. Tax and shipping puts them around thirty seven. My point is, they are worth it. I hope they keep putting these things out. For the serious Elvis music collector they are the real deal. I just wish it had not took me so long to catch on to them and would have just spent the money on them. I have missed out on a few that I wont ever be able to get. You get a lot more out of these then the same old re released stuff you can buy at the stores.

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