Thursday, March 20, 2008

Item I charish the most

I was talking with a guy at work not that long ago and he was asking me about my Elvis collection. He was wanting to know what item was my favorite. Without a doubt the picture above from Jailhouse Rock is my favorite. It is one of the nicest things I have. Though that is just part of the reason this is so dear to me. Back in 2005 when I first seen this on the Internet I knew I had to have it. For one I love the movie Jailhouse Rock. Also I just think this is a really cool image from the movie. It is hard to find good quality prints framed and matted right. This one has it all. Anyway the only problem was that is was about $450. I did not have the money to throw around at the time and decided I would save up for it. So monthly I put back money for it and about four months later I thought I had enough to get it. I had been keeping my money back in my bedroom. I came to find out this dirty poor guy who is my cousin had stole my money. He has took off with $800 which was not only for my picture but also for the next EW coming up. So by the time I had saved up the money to get the print again, you could not find it anywhere. American Royal Arts did this print but I could not find it on there site, as they are limited editions. I ran across one in Memphis during EW in 2006. I did not get it because I wanted to think on it a day. When I went back I decided to get it, but it was gone. I was truly crushed, I had never wanted an Elvis item so bad. So I said if I ever see one again I would get it, nothing would get in my way. When I arrived in Memphis last August the first thing I did was go to Gallery Elvis at Graceland to see if by some chance they had one. I was in luck, they had one on the wall! I snatched it up and took it with my, I did not care the cost! This is without a doubt the most money I have ever spent on anything in my collection. I have spent more money at one time on various Elvis items, but never on one single thing. Though because of the story above, The print is my favorite item ever.
I hope to get another one similar to it in August from the same people who put this one out. They are really nice and look great.

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