Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lets go on a moonlight swim

This morning I have woke up watching one of the best movies ever Blue Hawaii. One reason this movie is so great is the soundtrack. I am going to talk a little bit about it today.I think this soundtrack is the best of all that Elvis did. It is my personal favorite barely edging out IT. The title song Blue Hawaii is a terrific song and one of my favorite movie songs ever. It is so soothing and Elvis does a great job on this. I think this is one reason I like to go to sleep to this movie. The song relaxes me and puts me at ease. Almost Always True is a fun song that fits in the movie well. Aloha Oe is a Hawaiian song that Elvis does a pretty good job with. Can't Help Falling In Love is a classic and is one of the songs people think about when they think of Elvis. I think this song is the best one on the soundtrack. Elvis would end up singing this song to his fans to close shows in his live acts later on in his career. Rock-A-Hula Baby might not be the best song on the track, but might just be the most fun. The scene in the movie where he sings it is one of the coolest parts of the movie. Moonlight Swim is my personal favorite from the movie. I don't know why but I have always thought this song was top notch. I think like all the songs in this movie it just fits with the flow of the movie and actually makes me the movie better. Slicin' Sand is a a fun song to jar around to and Elvis has a fit during the scene in the movie.Hawaiian Wedding Song I have always thought was pretty good. Other songs from the soundtrack Ku-U-I-Po,Ito Eats,Hawaiian Sunset,Beach Boys Blues,and Island Of Love. They are all pretty good songs for the most part. Steppin Out Of Line is also on the CD. The version of the soundtrack shown above also has some bonus alternate takes on it that are really good. It includes the movie version of Can't Help Falling In Love. As I said before this is my favorite soundtrack and in my opinion his best. Elvis's vocally was at his best around this time and really shined. Also unlike many of his later movies where most of the songs did not make sense in context with the movie, this does not suffer from that. I think the music actually lifts the movie and make it better. in closing all I can say is that Blue Hawaii(movie or soundtrack) is the freakin truth.

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