Thursday, March 27, 2008

Got a pocketful of rainbows

Tonight I am going to talk about one of my favorite movie soundtracks, G.I. Blues. When Elvis returned home he had to cut some records and start back making movies. Elvis would record this record in the spring of 60 in Hollywood. Elvis sounded great anyone that knows me knows I think Elvis was at his very best vocally in the early 60's. This album showcases Elvis almost perfectly. This was one of Elvis's biggest hit records but lets talk about the music first before we talk about what all the album did.I have the above CF which was a special collectors edition with alternate takes from this great album. The first song on the disc is Tonight Is So Right For Love. I think this song is pretty good and Elvis does a pretty good job. What's She Really Like is one of my favorite songs on the album. Beautiful song and Elvis delivers on it. Frankfort Special is a song that has grown on me over time and I must has grown in to one of my favorites as well. It is a fast pace song and Elvis seems to have a lot of fun with it. The song mixes in well with all the slower numbers that shows off Elvis as the true singer. Frankfort Special is a rocking number Elvis can just let go on. Wooden Heart is the one song that I probably don't go crazy over. Though I do not think it is as bad as some people I have heard criticize it. Interestingly enough Wooden Heart was a number one song in a lot of countries but was never released as a singer in the US until the mid sixty's.G.I Blues, this is just a classic movie song, not much needs to be said about it in my opinion. Pocketful Of Rainbows, my absolute favorite song of the movie. I think Elvis sound superb on it and masters the presentation. This song would be very ordinary and bland with most artist, but Elvis gives it a certain something and makes it sound so cool. Elvis could hear how a song should sound perfectly in his head and that one big reason he was as good as he was. Shoppin Around is another good song, that is a faster tempo song that again gives you another number to move around to, impossible song for me not to sing along to. Big Boots is probably my least favorite song on the album . I just can't get into it. Though I never skip it when I play the CD. Didja' Ever is the closing number and kind of has the same tone as G.I. Blues and is just as a good of a song. Blue Suede Shoes is a classic throwback to the days of the rock n roller days of Elvis and fits in nice in the movie. Doin' The Best I Can is a close number two for my favorite song on this soundtrack. I think it might just be the best all around song on the whole CD. Eight alternate takes appear on the collectors CD and they are all a great insight into the making of this special album. This CD is really solid. It is not only of his best soundtracks, but one of he best all around albums period. G.I. Blues the album made some history for Elvis. It would be a number one album for five weeks and would stay on the Billboard chart for 111 weeks. It would stay on the charts longer then any other Elvis album. Billboard ranks GI Blues on of the top number one albums of the 60's and in the top one hundred hottest albums ever. The album would go double platinum. I know this was a special edition back in the late nineties as well as a copy of Blue Hawaii, but I wish FTD would do a release on these two albums. If the have anymore material It would be worth putting out. The early sixties was something great musically for Elvis and some of his most successful work post Germany. Lets give these soundtracks of the early sixties there proper due. Please click on the video below and listen to my favorite song from the movie. Enjoy!

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