Sunday, March 23, 2008

Come and drive the Fox-5 for me Mr. McCoy

The movie review im gonna do today is "Spinout". Released in 1966, Elvis stars as Mike McCoy, a part-time lead singer and a part-time racecar driver. The movie begins as Mike McCoy is taking a cruise in his race car when suddenly Cynthia Foxhugh (daughter of Howard Foxhugh) runs him off he road into a pond. When singing at a gig Mike McCoy is approached by Howard Foxhugh to sing at his daughter's birthday party and to drive his new race car "The Fox-5". Throughout the movie Elvis is approched by three women wanting to marry them, Cynthia, Diana (An author researching a book to find the perfect man), and Les (Mike McCoy's Drummer) Will he be the driver of the new Fox-5 and who will he choose as a wife?? It's not his greatest movie and definately not his worst. Im pretty keen on the songs spinout and smorgasbord. Overall it's pretty enjoyable and Diana is some really good Eye candy so CHECK IT OUT!!


Mike Edwards said...

Spinout is key. The title song is one of my favorites. Anything with Shelley Fabares in it is worth watching. She was Elvis' favorite co star and she is hot!

Anonymous said...

yea ,I read , Shelley is the only co star ,''who turned him down . TCB