Friday, March 7, 2008

What the hell is wrong with the world....

when Roy Orbison is beating out Elvis Presley in anything. Roy is cool and all but he could not ever touch Elvis in a million years. has a poll on what is your favorite Sun artist. Roy was killing Elvis. I don't understand it, I think Elvis has ten fans for every one fan Roy has. I can't figure it out, there must be some odd fuckers that are part of a Roy group voting every day. That's alright though, the Elvis Insiders are coming out of the wood work. No way we can let Elvis loose to Roy Orbison in this thing. We can play this game too. We have done it! Elvis is leading at the moment over Roy 3,281-3,035. It is not over yet, we took the lead once. We have to keep voting. These crazy people I think are out there voting just to have Elvis loose I think. If you can go to and vote. If for some crazy reason you are not going to vote for E, then at least vote for the freaking Killer. The one that could at least come close to rivaling Elvis.

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