Saturday, March 22, 2008


Tonight I have been watching the movie Speedway. Elvis would start filming the movie sometime in the middle of 1967 and would be released in the summer of 1968. This would be Elvis's twenty-seventh film. He played the part of a race car driver named Steve Grayson. He has a manager who he trust with all his money that is not very good had handling it. He in turns gets into trouble with the IRS. A agent comes to break the bad news and set them on a payment plan that leaves them strapped because the have such a huge debt to the government. Along the way Steve had tried to help out people in need, but his manager had got that stuff on credit. When the government came in, they took it all away from them. So Steve had to go win races to help not only himself and his manager but all the people he helped out. Along the way Steve falls for the female agent form the IRS who is played by Nancy Sinatra. In the end Steve wins a big race to help with the bills. As usual Elvis also get the beautiful girl. I really do enjoy this movie a great deal. The soundtrack has a few good songs on it as well. I would rate the the movie and soundtrack both middle of the road, but it is definitely worth owning and watching over and over again. Then again I think all Elvis movies are worth watching over and over. I also really enjoy Bill Bixby in the movie. He is really good and interacts with Elvis well. Of course I love Nancy Sinatra, she is great. peedway would gross about 3 million for the last part of 68 and rank #40 on the list of top grossing films. A little bit better then some of his later movie roles, especially for the amount of time it was out in theaters for the year. It is worth saying that this is Dale Jr's favorite movie along with Clambake. Now enjoy the Speedway trailer movie below then go watch this movie.

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