Saturday, March 29, 2008


Elvis at 21 is a book containing a collection of photographs by photographer Alfred Wertheimer. His subject was a twenty one year old Elvis Presley. This in my opinion is the best and most important photos of Elvis that was ever took. When Elvis was signed by RCA, they asked Wertheimer to photograph the rising star. He would start photographing Elvis in January of 56 and continue through July of that same year. He would later photograph Elvis in 58, but these picture are priceless. When he started in January with Elvis, he found a young singer that was on the rise but still not known all over. When he would get done in July Elvis owned the music world and was one of the most talked about people on the planet. These pictures take through Elivis' life pretty much in those months. He got him on stage,back stage, around town, and even at home. It shows you every side of Elvis. Wertheimer captured Elvis like no one else ever could. You see Elvis with his guard down and just by looking at this series of photos you get to know the twenty one year old kid who would go on to become the biggest and most successful entertainer ever. Every Elvis fan should own this book, it is worth every penny. These classic pictures of Elvis truly tell a story and you feel like you are kinda of going along the ride with Elvis. This is Elvis Presley, before he was the Hollywood star, or a 70's stage act. He seems so innocent, but at the same time so dangerous. He honestly defined the word cool. Just some of the highlights from this book are pictures from the Stage Show performances, Steve Allen, Russwood Park, and the best ones are of the Presley's at home. If you do not have this, go to and buy it! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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