Friday, March 28, 2008

The Gospel Side Of Elvis

I recently purchased "He Touched Me The Gospel Side Of Elvis" and I must say I was very impressed with it. I'm not a avid church goer or a bible thumper but this documentary showed you how truly Elvis was staying with his roots warming up with gospel songs. Everyone knows that after Elvis' mother died he was never the same. Gospel was his way to remember his mother and relax. The interviews on the movie talked about how Elvis would sing after a concert and go all the way up to the next morning. This DVD goes into detail how Elvis met JD Sumner and how he was influenced by black gospel groups One particular story I thought was cool is that when Elvis was supposed to record the Jailhouse Rock soundtrack, the executives were getting mad that he was warming up with gospel songs and just kept singing them, wasting heir time and money. Finally the execs told the Jordaniares I believe not to go to the piano to sing gospel with Elvis because he wouldn't quit. Elvis got wind of what was said and he was mad and took them back to his penthouse and sang gospel all night and coming back the next morning to record the soundtrack. The interviews in this documentary are really good and it's awesome to hear how they brag how Elvis was so big hearted. Its a definite must see.

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