Friday, March 7, 2008


Juliet Prowse is our doll of the week. She appeared in the movie GI Blues. She was actually to have appeared in Blue Hawaii as well but because of her unreasonable demands, she was replaced. I love her in GI but can't see her playing the lead in Blue. At the time of the movie she was was engaged to Frank Sinatra. She still had a fling with Elvis, and she did not care to tell you about it. She once said, "Elvis and I had an affair.... We had a sexual attraction like two healthy young people, but he was already a victim of his fans. We always met in his room and never went out." She can be seen on the original release of That's The Way It Is, as they are interviewing people as they come in. She is ranting on about him being so great and how she has seen him already several times. She seemed like she always had a thing for him afterwards.
I was reading once that Elvis used to come home and talk about Juliet's athletic abilities and how she could be bent into any position when in bed, which was a delight for Lamar. This always makes me giggle when I think about this for some reason. Lamar could only get off on listening to Elvis's stories. Cracks Me Up. I am going to go watch GI and enjoy those nice legs of Juliet's.

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