Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is this train the frankfort special

GI Blues is the movie I am watching this morning. GI was the first film Elvis filmed when he returned from Germany in 1960. Elvis played the part of a GI in the army named Tulsa McLean. The story is of a singing GI on his way to spend some time in Frankfort Germany. He has to take on a bet where he has to try to spend the night with a dancer for the night. If he does not come through then him and his band mates loose a lot of cash. Along the way he actually falls for the dancer Lili(Juliet Prowse). In the end he ends up with her despite the fact she learns of the best. GI Blues featured elven songs and is one the best soundtracks of the 60's. My favorite song from the movie is Pocketful of Rainbows. GI is a pretty good movie. It set the tone for the Elvis movies of the early 60's. I really dig the music in it, for the most part it is really good and make the movie better. Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana would appear in one last movie as the have a small part as musicians at the first of the movie. Also the Jordanaires play the part of singing GI's. GI Blues is for sure in the upper tier when it comes to Elvis movies.For the year GI ranked #14 in top grossing films despite only being out for the last four months of the year. GI would bring in an incredible $4.3 million for the year of 1960. GI Blues was on of Elvis's most successful movies.

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