Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Let's Play House gets remixed

An Italian DJ that goes by Spankox(real name Agostino Garollo) has remixed Baby Let's Play House. When I first heard about that I was pretty pissed. I don't mind a good DJ doing a remix of an Elvis song. The first two have been alright and it helps open up younger fans to Elvis Presley. Though some songs should not be touched. If you want to mess with lesser known movie songs like ALLC or Rubberneckin, that's fine. Baby Lets Play House is a classic and one of the best Elvis rock songs ever. Though when I gave it a listen I changed my mind a little. I still would rather hear the original songs over any of these remixes. This new mix might end up being my favorite yet. I don't know why really, maybe because I like this song a lot better than the first two songs they mixed.Overall I would give this a thumbs up because the mix itself is alright and it is something that might draw in new fans. Opening new people up to Elvis Presley is the most important thing. You can check the mix and video on youtube. If you think the song is crap, turn it down and watch the vid, it is pretty key at times. As for me I am going to go put in a Sun CD and listen to the original

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