Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jacob Hester is pretty damn cool

Jacob Hester is a running back for the LSU Tigers. I am no fan of LSU. I am as a big of a Florida Gators fan as there is. So I really did not care much for Hester. I really had no reason to dislike him other than he pretty much beat my Gators all by himself. Well I have changed my mind about him. According to an article about him, he is a huge Elvis fan. He said he grew up in a home that had Elvis music in it and it just stuck. He has been to Graceland nine times and even has an Elvis room. In the article I saw he spouted off Elvis facts and such, and is truly a freak when it comes to Elvis. That's pretty awesome. I can respect and admire him for that. Jacob Hester you are one cool dude and thanks for beating the piss out of The Ohio State University. GO SEC!

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