Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still the King of the jungle

I will fallow up on Vince's post on the NBC special. This is without a doubt one the the most important events in Elvis' career. After being away form live audiences for all these years it was time to get back to doing what Elvis did best. He was not tearing up the charts with any albums either. Elvis was starting to become irrelevant to some. Elvis was as nervous has he had ever been. He was scared to death that he would flop. All it took was him getting out in front of the audience and he came alive. Tiger Man is a song I thought really fit this special. As someone once said, it was like Elvis was telling everyone he was back and still on top. My favorite moment of the show has to be the Guitar Man production number. The deluxe edition is the way to go if you are planning on getting this. It is a three disc set that has some great stuff on it. You have the original Elvis special as it was seen in 68. It has both the stand up and sit down sessions. A lot of music right there that you don't see in the original special. You get most of the footage shot for all the production numbers as well as the If I Can Dream segment. Also some great outtakes on there. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Elvis is defiantly on top of his game here. Every time I watch this and see him walk on to the small stage for the first time I immediately think just how damn cool Elvis was and still is.

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