Monday, January 21, 2008


The picture above is of Elvis and Fats Domino is Las Vegas. I am thinking this picture is from 64 from just a guess by the way they both look. I might be off a little but not by much. Elvis is by far my favorite singer ever. Fats however is my second favorite and miles ahead of anyone else in my opinion. Fats is the most underrated rocker ever. He was making records long before Elvis or any other of those boys of the mid 50's that took off. As far as sales and achievements in the 50's Fats is the only artist that even comes close to Elvis. All the other artist who run there mouth about how they did this and that in the 50's, and should get respect, need to bow down to Domino first. He did it bigger and better than most. He lasted a lot longer than most of them as well. All the while he stayed as humble and generous as a person could be. Alright I will shut up now. I started this IMAGE OF THE WEEK thing just to show some raw Elvis pics and I have got off into a ran. I just get pissed cause Fats does not get the run he deserves. FATS IS THE FREAKIN MAN! Elvis loved Fats and looked up to him when he started out. Fats has much love for Elvis as well and speaks high of him to this day.

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