Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That's not alright

In September of last year ABC aired a special called Viva Las Vegas. I am not going to get into what it was about or my rant on it. Really it was just a bunch of today's singers doing Elvis songs. Faith Hill was on there and happened to do two songs. She is premiering two videos from that special today on her site. She did That's Alright Mama and Peace In The Vally. I am not a big fan of either one she did. Nothing against her, she is a pretty good singer I suppose. If you dig Faith you might like these songs. I have no love for her version of That's Alright. Her version of Peace In The Vally was a lot better in my opinion. I can handle her doing that one. I am cool with some people doing some Elvis songs to pay tribute, but pick wisely. If you want to check out the videos of these two songs be sure to visit

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