Friday, January 18, 2008

Dig right in and do the clam

Girl Happy is one of my favorite movie soundtracks. This might not be one of the best as far as material or the quality of Elvis's voice. Though It has always appealed to me and has a few unforgettable songs. The title track from the movie is of course Girl Happy. A very fun tune that you can help but sing. Spring Fever is a song that in the movie Elvis sings with Shelley Fabares. It is a good song, however on the album Shelly's part is missing and kind of makes the song incomplete. Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce is a freaking classic. When most Elvis fans talk about the crap Elvis had to sing, this song always seems to come up in conversation. A part of me totally agrees, and wishes the man never had to sing that stuff. He did however sing it, and I choose to enjoy it. I have always found the idea of singing this to a random girl to swoon her to be funny. Maybe that's why I have always got a kick out of the song. Startin' Tonight is a pretty good song with a good vibe. For some reason the VHS versions of Girl Happy left this song out. I remember it being in when it was on TV way back when. It now can be seen on the new DVD release. It is worth hearing. Wolf Call is another one of my all time movie favorites. Something about the song is just fun, and I can't help but sing it every time I hear it. Do Not Disturb is a slow song that is a key song for swooning girls. A solid song in my opinion that don't get any run. Cross My Heart and Hope To Die is my favorite song on the album. I have always liked the arrangement and vocals on this track. Another solid swooning song. The Meanest Girl In Town is probably my least favorite song from the movie. Though it is still a pretty damn good song. Do The Clam. Freaking classic, don't need to say anything else. Puppet On A String, the best song on the album. This is a classic and I think Elvis does his best job vocally on this song of any track from Girl. I've Got To Find My Baby is a solid track to end the movie. Overall I can't find a bad song on the album. Some of the songs are a little weak, but Elvis brings them to life. The beat track on the album is Puppet On A String as I stated before. My personal favorite is Cross My Heart And Hope To Die. I am as a big of fan of Elvis's movies and the songs in them as I am of anything Elvis did. I really love the soundtracks. Girl Happy might not be one of the best artistically, but is for sure in my personal top five of favorites. I would recommend getting the Girl Happy soundtrack. Get the Follow That Dream release. The sound is awesome and it has lots of outtakes. They are gold. Also you get the key book with all kinds of info on the soundtrack and movie.

Hey everybody gather round,Listen to that bongo sound. Grab the first one in your reach,Now were going to shake the beach. Do the clam, do the clam,Grab your barefoot baby by the hand. Turn and tease, hug and squeeze, Dig right in and do the clam

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Anonymous said...

GIRL HAPPY ! one of the best ELVIS flicks!! my favorite !!