Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts on new FTD's

I am going to give you some thoughts about my new FTD's that I got while in Memphis. For those who might not know what I am talking about when I say FTD, let me give you a short explanation. Fallow That Dream records releases material that is not normally part of the usual releases by Sony BMG. Many live concerts and studio outtakes are found on these releases. This is for the serious collector when it comes to Elvis' music. They cost you a lot more than most normal CD's you can buy. It is worth every penny in my opinion though. My favorite CD's come from the FTD label. For a more detailed explanation visit the news and FAQ's section on
Now to my thoughts on my new CD's. I picked up two movie soundtracks. I am a huge fan of the movies so I always make it a point to buy a soundtrack when I am buying new material. I picked up Girls! Girls! Girls! and Harum Scarum. The Girls CD is great. This has some great outtakes on it. I loved hearing Mama and I Don't Want To Be Tied outtakes. Harum Scarum was also a treat. This is not the best soundtrack the Elvis catalog has to offer in my opinion. I still find my self loving most of the songs on here. I have always liked the songs Hey Little Girl and Go East Young Man. Hey Little Girl has a few extra takes on the album that I enjoyed. I also got Long Lonely Highway. This covers some of Elvis' work in Nashville in the 60's. This will for sure be a favorite from now on. Most of the songs on here are favorites of mine.About sixteen of the songs are previously unreleased material. Shes Not You is my favorite track of this CD.
I am going to take a break now. I will be back shortly to cover the other five CD's I got.

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