Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lets Have a Party

This morning I am watching a classic. Loving You would be Elvis's second film, which was shot in 1957. Elvis would play Deke Rivers a delivery boy who has some musical talent who ends up making it big. Elvis is with a group of performers that are traveling around as part of a show. The lady who put him in the show is the manager and love interest of the shows biggest star. Deke ends up being so big he steps out from the group because he does not need them. Deke ends up not knowing if he even wants to preform anymore. You can tell Elvis is still pretty raw as an actor in this movie. However you see a big difference from Love me Tender. He would share his first on screen kiss with Jana Lund in this movie. Dolores Hart was the love interest of Elvis's in this movie. She would also go on to appear with Elvis in King Creole. She has always been a favorite of mine because she is so pretty but seems to have an innocence about her. Scotty Moore,DJ Fontana, and Bill Black would also make their onscreen debuts in this movie. The soundtrack is pretty solid. The soundtrack would be made up of seven songs. My favorites being Mean Woman Blues and the classic Teddy Bear. As far as quality goes, this is one of the ten best movies Elvis made. Interesting note that Elvis would never watch this movie. His mother and father appear in the film. He could not stand to see his mother on film after her death.

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