Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kicking it at High Tension Grove

I am watching Wild In The Country at the moment and feel the need to share my thoughts on it. First lets look at a few facts about the movie. This would be Elvis's seventh film which would premier in June of 1961. Wild In The Country was one of the few flops when it comes to Elvis movies. It was one of the few roles where Elvis was challenged as far as an actor. It was not the usual movie the "Presley formula" produced. This movie is considered by a lot of fans as on of the best performance's Elvis ever gave.Elvis played the part of Glenn Tyler, a troubled but talented young man. Elvis has three ladies in this movie that is involved with in some way. Hope Lange plays a psychiatrist who tries to help Glenn with his literary talent. Millie Perkins plays Glenn's sweetheart. The beautiful bad girl Tuesday Weld plays the troubled cousin who tries to seduce Glenn. Gary Lockwood(It Happened At The Worlds Fair) also appears in the film. The soundtrack only consists of four songs. Another reason why the movies flopped in my opinion. People always talk about Elvis's awful movie music and such. Though fact is the less he sang in a movie, the worse it did with the public. Wild In The Country has always been on of my favorite movies. It showcases Elvis's talent, has a few key songs, and Millie and Tuesday are smoking hot. For those who said Elvis could not act, see this movie. You might have a different opinion.

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