Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'll Be Back

I am home from Memphis now. The trip went by in a hurry and I am already to go back. Overall the trip was pretty good. Anytime you can go to Graceland it is special. I was sad to leave anyhow. I did not get a whole lot of stuff. Got a few shirts, GK's new book, and some new FTD's. I posted the other day the four I got when I first got in. Today I also picked up the Harum Scarum soundtrack, Pot Luck, Southern Nights, and Elvis at The International. I will be sure to review all of them in the coming days. I am pretty tired at the moment so that's all I am going to post today. I will be back tomorrow with more.

"Well Ill be back, yeah! Ill be back. Like a homesick train on a one-way track. I got to travel and hit the gravel. Ill be back, yeah! Ill be back"

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