Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stop, Look, And Listen

I finally recieved my "Change Of Habit" DVD Saturday starring Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore. Released in November of 1969 this would be Elvis' last scripted movie. In this movie Elvis plays Dr. John Carpenter who runs a free clinic in the ghetto (no pun intended) when three undercover nuns ( Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair, and Jane Elliot) come to work at the clinic. Mary Tyler Moore is smoking hot in this movie and is obviously the love interest of Elvis. Elvis starts to fall for her but she keeps a distance because of her vows. Does Elvis help her change her mind??? You'll have to see for yourself. It also has two pretty cool songs that which are 'Rubberneckin' and Change Of Habit. If you want to see another acting side of Elvis, this is definately the movie. There is maybe three songs he sings in the movie and it shows a more dramatic side of him. Check it out!!

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