Monday, January 7, 2008

Elvis Month 07

I work at a nursing home facility and this past August we celebrated the life of Elvis. During Elvis Month we had had a number of events that was Elvis themed/related. We startred off by watching the 68 Caomeback which was freakin awesome and everyday through the month of August the residents listened to Elvis during dinner. I love my job and care for the residents dearly so I decided that I would grow my hair and sideburns out a bit, dye it black, slick it back and dress up in a homeade outfit looking like one of his jumpsuits. Everybody was surprised to see me dressed up but the residents loved it and to this day they know me as "The Elvis Guy". To top off Elvis Month we had a impersonator come and perform to the residents which was pretty cool, he had a decent voice and didnt look like an idiot like some others do. At the end of his show we had our picture taken together while I was in my outfit and wouldnt you know the freakin pic made it into the newspaper. I may have looked like a fool but the residents loved it, that's all I cared about.

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