Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Enigma Known As Elvis Aron Presley to me

I've slacked off on the blog quite a bit lately due to me being half dead and out of it for the past few days. First off I apologize to Mike for slacking and carrying the blogs on here. Anyways my blog tonite is about how I became the fan that I am today. I kinda touched base with it in my blog about my first trip to Graceland but i'm gonna get more into detail about it right now. I was introduced to Elvis at an early age by my dad. I remember he got a commerotive Jailhouse Rock plate for his birthday. I had always heard the name Elvis but never knw who it was until my dad played the Aloha from Hawaii concert he had recorded when it originally came on. As he sang Cici Rider thats what I called Elvis when I was little....Cici Rider. As I got older I came more famaliar with the other hits like "Don't Be Cruel" All Shook Up" and "Blue Suede Shoes". I never thought much about actually how big Elvis was until about 2 years ago. I remember talking to Mike about how I had the 30 #1 Hits Elvis CD and I thought that was his best songs hands down at that time. Id ride around listening to "Suspicious Minds" on repeat all day lol. I remember hanging out with Mike one day and he introduced me to songs I never knew he sang. I remeber it blowing my mind because I never got past the 30 #1 Hits album and I was like damn. From there Mike started opening up his music by burning cds that he had for me. To make a long stoiry short, I knew I was a huge Elvis fan when I went to Graceland and actually felt how cool it was to be an Elvis fan. Seeing what he has achieved and how he still is a force even after his death still amazes me. Ive started an Elvis collection, right now its not much (Just some movies, a figure, Pez dispensers, some posters, tshirts and cds) but I plan on collecting for as long as possible. I know all this wouldnt have been possible without Mike giving me the jumpstart on the Midnight Express lol. Im looking forward to the next Elvis pile so we can brainstorm on ways of celebrating his life even more.


Mike Edwards said...

I have lost it over the Midnight Express reference

Mike Edwards said...

Wait until you discover all his music and see all of his movies. You have came a long way, but we got a way to take you before you become a stone cold natural freak.
Time to have anoter romp to get it going